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Reverts Project

I Found Islam, Now I Need Your Support...

Is a place for:

o Supporting New Muslims in their adaption to an Islamic Lifestyle
o Learning more about Islam for New Muslims and Non Muslims
o Born and raised Muslims to get awareness of the importance of supporting New Muslims & Dawah efforts
o Sharing life experiences and obstacles for a better understanding and assistance


General support for reverts in various forms

New Muslims (reverts) face many trials in their lives to adjust and learn about their chosen path and need constant support, friendship and educational materials to assist them. Without the support and assistance in learning, many are left with a feeling of "emptiness" and need the support to feel welcomed in the Muslim communities.

We do not want any new Muslim left feeling this way, so we decided to create a "welcoming environment" where they can get the needed support and knowledge needed that isn't available elsewhere.

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals that have come together for the sake of Allah.

No one is paid to deliver this service it is for the sake and pleasure of Allah.

If you would like to volunteer with us or if you are a new Muslim and want to share your experiences, contact us.